F/W 2024
︎  Tartan
︎︎︎ Surface design for the PUMA ︎ PORSCHE footwear collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of turbo! Digging deep in the archives to develop a color and material world around the iconic tartan check, recreating it 1:1 and making this classic interior story come to life on classic, unisex footwear.
[Product images by PUMA and PORSCHE]
S/S 2024
︎︎︎ Visual direction, implementation and development of all prints for GOREWEAR’s spring/summer
cycling jersey range
. Based on the idea of morphogenesis, patterns were digitally grown for the sport of cycling, ensuring disruption as well as high visibilty when in motion across all terrains.
[Photography Evelin Buhmann and RadRace/Dennis Arndt, models Marta, Ruben and Aljoscha, product images by tm studios/GOREWEAR]